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Airport  Advisory  Commission

Commission fee Advisory Commission develop bylaws, investigate probability of further development and also increase of current organizations within the airport, market excellent will certainly regarding the standard aircraft air-port and also the society simply by teaching programs plus community associations, along with engage in financial improvement simply by actively marketing and also advertisement the regional airport, which can be fifteen minutes aside on Freeway 141 west of Kingsville.

The particular commissioners court authorized this particular members in order to one-year 2010 conditions to generate the particular bylaws and start the airport advertising and marketing and also promotion campaign:

Sectional View

  • Norma Alvarez, Precinct Two Kleberg Region Commissioner
  • Mike Muzyczyn, president of Mike’s Aircraft Store, and also the region air-port manager
  • Curtis Dawson, operator regarding Dawson Marketing and sales communications, Corporation.
  • Chuck Schultz, Republican applicant regarding Kleberg County Commissioner of Precinct Two
  • Dr. Mauro Castro, ceo with the Chemistry Section for Texas A&M College or university Kingsville
  • Alice Byers, management Manager from the Kingsville Chamber of Commerce
  • Rose Morales, general director from the King Ranch Saddle Store
  • Frank Weaver, a retired NASA Engineer
  • Judy Muzyczyn, associated with the actual county airport’s administration group.

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